IT 3rd Semester (WBUT) Makaut Organizer Guide Book 2023

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IT 3rd Semester (WBUT) Makaut Organizer Guide Book 2023

Publisher-Popular Publication.
Publication Year – 2023
10 Years Makaut Organizer Question Solved
MAKAUT (WBUT) Organizer is a book which guides Management/Engineering students to get good marks in MAKAUT(WBUT) semester Examinations. It’s work as a key to score well in all semesters.
This is a very Useful Guide Book for All Makaut Student.
IT 3rd Semester (WBUT) Makaut Organizer Guide Book 2023Guide Book contains the Last few Years Questions & Answers with MCQ.
This Book is According to New Syllabus.
Popular Publications has designed this book for thousands of student in technical and management education studying under MAKAUT,
Popular Publications has a panel of more than thirty professors from different colleges under MAKAUT.

  • A contribution of reputed professors.
  • The subject wise arrangement according to Syllabus.
  • Contains previous years Questions with the solution.
  • Proper explanation with neat diagrams.
  • Multiple choice questions(MCQ)


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