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Getting ready for online exams:
You will receive exam details (MOCK and Final) on your registered email / sms – 24 hour prior to the exam day. The details will have your exam link, user ID & password. In case you don’t receive the exam details within the defined timeline, please contact Helpdesk given on website . Quote your online application regn number always.

  1. For appearing online exam you can use any one of the following devices.
    Smartphone with front camera ( Any recent Android phones only )
    Laptop with webcam or Desktop with webcam
    Imp: Since the exam will be conducted under supervision of proctors (online
    invigilators), it is mandatory to have webcam / front camera in a properly working
    Internet connectivity of at least 1 Mbps or above. You can check your internet speed
    on this link ‐
  1. Latest version of Google Chrome browser must be pre-installed in you respective devices.
     Android users can install latest version of Chrome from Google Play store.
     Windows Laptop/Desktop users can download chrome from here:-
  1. Google Chrome settings: – You need to allow Google Chrome to use camera .
    This is mandatory without which you will NOT be able to attempt the online exam.
    Smart phone users can- Go to Settings  Go to Applications  Google Chrome
    Permissions  Allow permission for Camera .
    Laptop / Desktop users will need to allow permission to Chrome browser to use camera
    on the pop-up window.
    Testing your webcam / front camera
     Please test your Webcam / front camera here (Kindly test this link in Google
    Chrome browser only) Click –
     Important: Make sure there is sufficient light in the room where candidate is
    appearing for the exam.
  1. Turn off notifications in apps and browser pop-ups to avoid distractions and exam terminations.
     Smartphone users can go to settings  Applications  Select the App
    Notifications  Turn off all notifications.
     You have to turn off notifications from all apps that could possibility
    distract you during exam- such as, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram,
    Telegram and all such other apps.
     Inform all family and friends that they should not call you during the
    exam hours.
     Please note that notifications and incoming calls would be considered as
    warning alerts and may cause termination of exam.

Exam day preparation:-
Instructions to be followed before the exam:- (45 minutes prior)
 Get settled at a silent place with your device ready- before 15 minutes of scheduled
exam time.
 Make sure you are sitting alone. Turn off TV, Radio or any other sound systems that
could distract you.
 Make sure your device is fully charged & you have power back-up / power bank /
charging facility – in case your device drains out of charge during the exam.
 Test your computer, laptop or smart phone (which you intend to use for taking the
exam) to ensure that it is working well.
(Please note, you may not be able to appear for the exam if web camera attached with
your system is not functional and the access to the same is not granted.)
 Put your Smart phones on silent mode & make sure your apps notifications are turned
 Candidates who are using laptop or desktop are requested to disable antivirus
updates/windows updates which might create disturbance during the exam.

Instructions to be followed during the exam:-

  1. During the exam, students should not switch screen or move out of the exam page or open any
    other application. This will terminate the exam and student may not be allowed to resume the
    exam again. In case of genuine connectivity issues, proctor may allow to resume exam once as
    an exception.
  2. Minimizing browser window will also terminate your exam.
  3. If exam is discontinued because of any connectivity issues, you are requested to re-login
    immediately by using the same login credentials.
  4. Candidates can resume the test from where they had left, as all the previously attempted
    SAVED answers including the exam’s remaining time will be saved in the system automatically.

Other important instructions:

  1. The student MUST not use his or her textbook, course notes, or receive help from a proctor or
    any other outside source.We trust your Integrity of purpose, so do not let us down.
  2. Candidate must keep in mind that their images will be recorded by a remote invigilator
    Therefore, it is strictly advised that the candidate does not leave the seat during the test. Such
    behavior will be immediately recorded as a violation and exam will be suspended.

Wish you all the best for your exams.

Common Problems encountered and their solutions ( FAQ )
Q1. Is it necessary to attend Mock Exam session?
Ans : YES ! since that will clear any software or hardware issues you are having so that you do
not face those on the day of exam.
Q2. What are the settings to be done before exam ?
Ans : – Install latest version of Google Chrome Browser need to install before the exam
( Turn Off notifications from apps and popups in browser
Q3. Can students make or receive phone calls during the exam ?
Ans : Any incoming, outgoing call would be considered as a violation. If the violation exceeds
the set limit, students will be terminated from exam.
Q4. Can students use any other application or receive notifications during exam?
Ans : All notifications will be considered as violation, so it SHOULD be kept off. If the
violation exceeds the limit, students will be terminated from exam..
Q5. What actions cause system warnings/ terminations during the exam ?
Ans : System warnings are shown to the student, when
The student switches the window and moves to another application
The student receives or makes any phone calls
Notifications on mobile device from other apps like Whatsappetc
Pop-Ups from the browser, including antivirus popups, grammar apps, news popups etc
Ctr Alt & F5 key and browser refresh button are used while attending exam
Minimizing browser window can also terminate your exam.
All applications on the device must be closed before starting the exam
So request you to disable all notifications and browser popups before start of exam.
Q6. If the online exam gets stuck during the exam, what should I do ?
Ans : Students can restart their device and login with the same credentials.
Q7. Can I change the device during the exam ?
Answer : Yes, you can change your device and login with the same credentials.
Q8. Can I use office laptops for taking the exams?
Ans : Office laptops sometimes have restrictions and will not allow access of all sites. So it needs
to be avoided or tested in advance for compatibility.
Q9. At what time should the student login to the exam system ?
Ans : Students are supposed to log in to the exam system 10 minutes before scheduled time for.
Late entries are not advisable


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