EE 4th Semester MATRIX (Polytechnic) Organizer 2023

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EE 4th Semester MATRIX (Polytechnic) Organizer 2023

Book is out of Print Now so we are giving Xerox Copy Now

EE 4th Semester MATRIX (Polytechnic) organizer-2023 (New edition) is a book which guides Engineering students. It is a guide to get good marks in Polytechnic semester Examinations. It works as a key to scoring well in all semesters. It consists of previous 10 years questions with solutions.

This book contains all key questions with the solution for Electrical Engineering 2nd year, 4th Semester. EE 4th Semester MATRIX (Polytechnic) organizer-2023(New edition) is organized by reputed professors of University. It is helping all Polytechnic engineering students for many years.

  • 10 previous years questions with solutions.
  • Dual solution i.e chapter wise and years wise.
  • The contribution of reputed professors.
  • A subject wise arrangement according to Syllabus.
  • Proper explanation with neat diagrams.
  • Multiple choice questions(MCQ).


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